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Welcome to Brown Sack Crochet!

My name is Tonya. I am a daughter of the Most High God. I love all things creative!

I learned to crochet at age 12.
Although I have known how to crochet for many years, it has only been this past year (2015) that I began to crochet on a regular basis.

I started documenting some of my completed crochet items on Instagram.

My intent when I started to crochet more regularly was to sell crochet scarves. But little did I know that I would begin a very exciting crochet journey that would lead to many social media accounts which lead to a community of fabulous and talented crocheters and knitters!

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You can connect with me on these social media accounts as well! 

As my crochet journey progressed, I started making washcloths, purses, and shawls.

And guess what? I am loving this crochet journey.

I did finally open an etsy shop. I have a warm chunky crochet scarf listed and will be adding more listings soon!

I love art and I love reading the Bible. I will be sharing my love for both in upcoming articles that you can find right here.

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