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Have you tried Mandala yarn? If so, did you like it?

This yarn makes a very pretty triangle scarf. You must try it!

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Initially when I saw this yarn, I thought one of my Instagram friends was the creator of this yarn. 

I soon discovered that I could find it locally in town.

Well yay!!

When I bought this Lion Brand Yarn 525-200 Mandala Yarn, I bought like 12-15 skeins of various shades.

I made triangle scarves with each. and. every. skein. I really enjoyed  crocheting with this yarn.

It calls for a 5 crochet hook and that's the size I used.

This yarn comes in a wide variety of colors. I had bought three of the pink skeins.

When one of my coworkers requested a shawl with pink in it, I was ready because I had previously purchased all those skeins and three were pink.

I ended up keeping the turquoise and yellow blend. I was just too amazed with the colors to part with it. 
I. Love. That. Scarf.

Have you tried this yarn? Let me know how it worked for you in the comment section. Peace and Yarn.💕

O and the reason I thought my Instagram friend created this yarn was she had so many pictures of this yarn just with the name Mandala.

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