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Fiber Friends Interview with Tasha from the 2 Crocheting Divas

Meet Tasha, my cyber Fiber Friend!
1. When did you start crocheting?

I originally started crocheting at an early age. I would say around the age of 12.

I remember my mom tried to teach me (and one of my friends) the Tunisian stitch,  I thought crocheting was not something that my generation did. It took a long time to even see progress with crocheting so I put down the needle for a while.

I tried it again around the age of 20 and still wasn’t able to accomplish finishing a panel for a blanket so the needle was put up again.

Then while in school during in 2012, I decided to try and start crocheting again. Since I needed a break in between classes and a stress reliever, I decided to pick the Tunisian needle back up and start on a blanket.

After my first blanket, I wanted to learn other stitches. I wanted to learn stitches like double crochet and single crochet in order to make scarves and hats.

 2. What was the first thing that you crocheted? 

The very first project I completed/crocheted was a blanket to put at the foot of my bed as a throw.

It took a while because I was in school.

I had to set a goal and tell myself at the end of each quarter that I would work on it.

3. I see that you and your mom work together, what sparked that decision?

What sparked us working together was a blanket request that she received at short notice.

The stitch we use on our blankets take longer than other stitch blankets. We create the blankets in panels.

When we work together I can do a panel while she is working on the other panel.
When we work together, finishing the blanket is done much faster.

I thought the idea to start selling them would be great because it’s a personal and handmade gift and who doesn’t like homemade gifts. Plus they are keepsakes.

I still have my first  blanket that my mom made me when we moved to North Carolina.
My boys have their blankets and cherish them.

Although, she loves to just stick to blankets I decided to venture out and make scarves, hats, etc.
But we are a team,

Because we work together that's how we came up with the name Crocheting Divas.

When she has an order for blankets and if I am not working on an order or we need to get a blanket out fast we will team up and work together to fulfill the request.

 4. Have you ever been a crochet vendor? If so, what was that like? 

No, I have never been to a vendor or a craft show but would love to go. My goal/dream is to one day have enough inventory in stock to attend a crafting event.

5. How do you find the time to crochet?

Wow!! How do I find the time…..With my busy lifestyle…family, working full-time, and school, it can be a challenge but I have to tell myself I have goals and I want to make this my business.

I typically take my crocheting bag with me to work and on my breaks I will crochet. I also crochet a lot at night and on the weekends. 

If we are going somewhere my crocheting bag is with me.

My in-laws are always laughing at me saying that I can’t leave my bag and that where I go the bag goes with me. I feel that if I can find time for other things I should be able to find time to do something I enjoy.

 6. What is your crochet secret to creating as much as you do? 

My secret….I honestly don’t know if I have one. I know that if people place an order with me I know I have to commit to finishing because if the shoe were on the other foot and I asked someone to make something for me I would expect them to.

I also like knowing that something is complete.
The anticipation to see the finish product especially in certain colors is motivation to hurry up and finish.

7. When did you know that crocheting was something that you loved? 

I knew that crocheting was something that I loved when I completed my first blanket and after completing a scarf that I made for myself.

I had a sense of accomplishment!

Seeing my best friends excitement over a birthday scarf that I made for her also confirmed that I loved crocheting and seeing the joy my clients have when I present their crochet items!

Also, every time I make a personalized gift for someone and the joy they have of seeing their gift excites me and makes me want to keep crocheting.

8. Are you a part of a crochet meet up? If so, what is it like? 

No, I am not a part of a crochet meet up/club.

It actually sounds like a good idea. I have met some wonderful people on social media *wink*, and wish we were all local because I know if we all got together it would be nothing but fun times to share stories, techniques, and etc.

Unfortunately, my circle of friends and family do not like to crochet but love receiving their handmade gifts.

9. Share your crochet story and/or any other crochet thoughts/info that you have. 

My story or thoughts of crocheting….I would say just because something doesn’t seem to fit you or your generations don’t knock it.

I recall for me that crocheting didn’t seem like the “in” thing back when my mom was trying to teach me and now it’s “BIG”.

People all over are crocheting and creating wonderful items that can be used.

10. Do you have a website? 

I am building my inventory at the moment. As it grows, I will consider a website.

11. Where can we find you on social media? 

Instagram here.  @gibbs126

Facebook here.    2CrochetingDivas

My Comments:

Tasha, I am so happy that we met on Instagram! I love your work as well as the work that you and your mom do together! It is always so very inspiring!

Yes, girl y'all make my want to up my crochet game!

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few Fiber Friend questions!

I wish you and 2CrochetingDivas all the best!

Thank you again!

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