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Crochet Produce Bag

Awhile ago, I crocheted this market bag slash anything you want to use it for bag. This bag would be great for storing hair rollers as well as cosmetics.  The only thing with storing cosmetics is you should probably use a plastic bag on the inside lest something falls out.

You could also line this with fabric as I might do later on.

If you shop at Farmer's Markets or Open Markets, this bag would be great for loading produce in as well!

I ended up putting it in my kitchen and using it to hold potatoes.

Do you crochet or knit?  What's on your needle(s) if you do?

I watched a Youtube video to make this bag. The video has since been removed.

This bag uses the V-stitch for the body of it. The base is circular double crochet (dc) rounds that increase at each new row.

For the handle, I used a single crochet (sc).

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