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3 Mason Jar Crochet Toppers

Have you ever  been crocheting just as a practice session?

Well, that's what I was doing when I created these little toppers for some mason jars that I had on hand.

I was actually making one of those cup cozies.  When I finished making the turquoise one, I tried to fit it onto the mason jar and lo and behold it only fit the top.

Since I love colorful things, I decided to make a few more crochet toppers to go on the top of some other jars that I had on hand.

To make your own, simply chain the length that you desire. My approximate length was 22 chains.

ch 22
sl st
sc in each ch until you reach desired width
no need to sl st at each round just keep going

After I put the finished topper on the mason jar, I tucked the extra rows (the remainder of the topper) inside the jar.

And there you have it, a colorful little crochet mason jar topper for your craft needs!

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