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25 Lessons Learned from Crocheting

Originally, I had planned to post about each one of the life lessons in a separate post. But, trying to write 25 different post ain't no easy task.

So, I decided to just write the remainder of the lessons in one post and here it is! I hope that you are inspired by it!

You can see the first six lessons in their own separate posts.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2 

Lesson 3 

Lesson 4 

Lesson 5 

Lesson 6 

Lesson 7 - Share what you have learned along the way.

Lesson 8 - Be yourself.

Lesson 9 - Don't be afraid to start over

Lesson 10 - It's okay to change your mind.

Lesson 11- The information is out there.

Lesson 12 - You can do it!

Lesson 13 - Never feel that the little you know is not enough to move you forward. Move Forward.

Lesson 14 - You find your passion by doing something. ...not by wondering.

Lesson 15 - Money is no option when you love what you do.

Lesson 16 - Use what you have. Use your talents and gifts.

Lesson 17 - Comparison is a waste of time. Every type of yarn can be used for something.

Lesson 18 - Work at your craft daily (except on the seventh day of the week)

Lesson 19 - Start

Lesson 20 - Packaging is everything

Lesson 21 - Keep going even if no one notices

Lesson 22 - Be excited about what you are doing

Lesson 23 - Trust God

Lesson 24 - God's dream for you is bigger than the dream you have for yourself.

Lesson 25 - God gives everyone a gift. 

So those are the 25 Life Lessons I learned while crocheting!

Crochet Life Lessons Series
1       6       11     16      21
2       7       12     17      22
3       8       13     18      23
4       9       14     19      24
5      10      15     20      25

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Puff Stitch Beanie

I finally tried the puff stitch!

Lemme just say that I like it! ...a lot.

A totally fun stitch once you get the hang of it.

Here is the youtube video that I used as a guide to help me with this.
A few changes that I made were near the end.

To make the band, instead of crocheting two single crochets between each puff, I did three half double crochets in between each puff.

I did that to make the hat a little wider.

Overall, this was a great quick project for me.

It took me two days to complete this.

...I still consider myself a novice at crocheting.

So have you made anything lately?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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Why you should have a Creative Space at home

What creative things do you like to do?

Do you like to write?

What about drawing? Do you like to draw?

Or do you like to do a little bit of everything creative?

Not only do I crochet and knit, but I also like to draw and hand-letter.

One day I decided to create myself a little space to crochet. I kinda already have an art space which is the same space as our homeschool space. ...which is the dining room area. We live in a very small space so I am working with what I have which is working for me.

My little crochet table sits in the living room. ...remember we live in a small space.

But I am enjoying my little crochet slash creative space.

It's by a window. ..that's a plus.
It's by a door that has a big glass window. ..that's a plus.
I can look out the window while crocheting. ...that's a plus plus plus.
I can take photos for Instagram with good lighting. ...major plus.

It's a simple space.

Here are my three reasons why I created this space:

1. This space helps to keep all the crochet projects in one place.

2. It also keeps all the crochet hooks, craft needles and yarn in one place.

3. It is also a space that allows for thought and creativity.

All it is is a white folding table and a wooden chair.

I also have a clock on the wall, trash can and storage bins that I keep under the table.

I also use various baskets and mason jars for storing twine, pens and packaging stuff like notecards and tape etc.

Do you have a crochet space?

Do you have a creative space in your home?

A creative space is like your in-home license to be creative. It's a good way to unwind from the day or from traveling (which I have been doing a lot of lately...my older children are in college and grad school).

A creative space will be your new home for all your supplies. ...no more looking all over the house for stuff.

When I put this little table in the living room, I took all my many bags of yarn and needles right down to my "crochet table" and gradually set up what is now known as "Brown Sack Crochet Headquarters".

You must always have a vision. ...and a sense of humor.

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

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